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Prof. Dr. Bartosz Trzaskowski


Full professor

Centre of New Technologies (CeNT), University of Warsaw


Prof. Dr. Bartosz Trzaskowski is a group leader at the Centre of New Technologies (CeNT), University of Warsaw. He is interested in the development of computational methods for the description of chemical, physical and biological phenomena. His main research area is the mechanistic description of various catalytic processes, particularly those related to olefin metathesis catalyzed by ruthenium-based complexes. He is also interested in chemistry of carbenes, organocatalysis and mechanically interlocked molecular architectures in the context of stereoselective catalysis.

A native of Warszawa, Poland, Bartosz Trzaskowski received his M.Sc. in Chemistry from University of Warsaw in 2001 followed by Ph.D. in Chemical Sciences also from University of Warsaw in 2005. In 2017 he defended his habilitation thesis and became an associate professor and since 2023 he is a full professor of chemistry. He is recipient of a number of fellowships awarded by the European Molecular Biology Organization, Foundation for Polish Science, Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education, Swedish Institute and the University of Sydney. He has broad expertise in the fields of quantum and computational chemistry, biology, biochemistry and materials science.

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